Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gray Skies, Ice, Freezing Rain & Snow

Today its rain, freezing rain, ice on everything and gray skies to make it gloomier than every outside.

Ice formed on all the east windows' screens, completely blocking out visibility. Everything was covered in a sheet of ice, then snow was added onto that.

Good day to focus on indoor things!

I found a "Green" way to resolve two problems. One is the over abundance of hair coming off our Great Dane/German Shepard. He's 210lbs and still not fully grown. As the photo illustrates, he's not small.

So there is lots of hair and of course its very visible on everything in the house!

While we've had dogs before, I have never had so much hair coming off any of our dogs before. To make matters worse, he had been previously an outdoor dog apparently, so his coat was suited for living in a non-heated environment in an extreme cold climate. This meant his undercoat was quite thick.

What do you do to cope with so much hair shedding onto everything in the house? You collection it!

Yes, I collect the hair. No I haven't lost my mind. I learned of an old method for discouraging rabbits from the garden and it made me realize I should reconsider how I view frustrating situations like the shedding of the dog, which requires me to sweep up hair from the floor and carpets and sweep off hair from my clothing and all the upholstered furniture. By looking at this as an annual harvest of rabbit repellant, the task takes a on a new dimension.



  1. Yeh, at 210 lbs of puppy brains... you can get a lot of damage. Yesterday he was upset I left the house to take Eric to work. So he (the puppy) decided he had to break out. So he smashed the window (for the 3rd time) to get out. When I got home 30 minutes later...I found gaping hole .... one scared peekapoo (still in the house) and one over-grown puppy in the yard happy to see me. He however wanted to play and romp and refused to come to me so I could leash him or put him on his cable. He continued this for 4 hours. In the meantime I had to repair the window so the 25 degree temps outside didn't become our household temps! After finally catching the brute, I cabled him and had to go to town. When I got back later, he had broken the window again! This time to get IN the house! I definitely need to work with him on what a door is for!! LoL