Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blog Sponsored Sustainability Fair

Well, I'm jumping in with both feet it seems!

I've agreed to host a Sustainability Fair this year during "International Homesteading Education Month" which is September.

So on September 8th, Bushnell will be the host community of a Stocking Up - Sustainability Fair!

We now are registered with Mother Earth News'listing of Events around the country.

And also we have a webpage on Facebook promoting the event, which we will keep updating.
With time I hope to list the speakers and programs here & on facebook. But sustainability, here I Come!

Its my goal to recruit, hopefully, presenters on home canning, preservation of meat, home slaughtering as well as home meat production & meat locker slaughtering. So many people are unaware of the resource of "Meat Lockers" as a place to have your meat slaughtered for your family. I've contacted Big Daddy's Meats & Elkton Lockers to see if they'd consider being a vendor/presenter.

I've also spoken with a representative of Runnings Fleet & Farms to see if they too would be willing to be a vendor/presenter. They have some of the best supplies for home meat preservation, be it sausages or jerky or smoking your own meats! They also have canning supplies including pressure cookers such as the quality Presto Pressure Cooker

and replacement seals for cookers, which are often hard to find!

They also have FoodSaver products for those who like to vacuum seal their foods.

I hope to also incorporate workshops on smoking meats & cheeses, and also jerky making & hopefully using solar dehydrators as well as electric dehydrators for food preservation. This of course is my "Wish list" at this time.

With time we shall see!

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