Sunday, November 6, 2016

I thought I would share a "Make Do" post today. Making Do is almost a Lost art it seems. But its one that we really need to embrace so that we can stretch our budgets and get the most for our buck. Nothing fancy or Wow moment oriented, but for those trying to be frugal... every penny counts. So here is my hint. If you have a pair of man-made leather shoes, as they wear they tend to peel back in certain areas...such as the heel and seams. See picture below as an example.
The shoe is actually still wearable, but not as pretty as most would want. However you can make do by merely adding a little magic in the form of a Magic Marker (ie permanent marker or Sharpie).
Mind you this only works if you are buying shoes of basic colors such as black. But when you have the means to stretch a little more life out of those wearable shoes... it means you have a greater chance of finding a good purchase opportunity & be able to buy a good pair of replacement shoes as a reasonable or fabulous savings! After all, who gets close enough to your heel to know if they are seeing "marker" concealment or man-made leather? If they are that close... kick em :D (Not really)

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