Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Water, Water, where is the water?

Recently I was encouraged to watch the National Geographic series "Doomsday Preppers" and so I watched a few clips online. Then began researching some of the blogs online of Preppers just to see what forms of food storage they are using, since I am into food storage.

Well, I watched this one episode on youtube where a woman was talking about some issues with cardboard cases of plastic bottled water. It was interesting in that she spoke of seeping plastic jugs that damaged the cardboard cases of nearby stored items.

So this got me thinking about ways you'd want to store water, if you had the space. Clearly plastic has many draw backs,

in my view due to it being plastic. But what would you safely store water in?


Glass as recommended by

Plastic Buckets?

Lets face it, not everyone has a fresh water well, so many people would depend on some other form of water storage when they can't just turn on the tap. Not just "Doomsday preppers" either!

Today was one such example or should I say reminder.

Yes, today I was tested and I got a big fat F!!!

Today we woke at 4am as usual, to find we had no power. Should have expected it since the weather alert has been out since yesterday telling us of the storm. But I failed to storage ANY water. Not one drop (other than what was in the toilet tank).

So we wake to find we can't make morning coffee

or make any other item that needs water. Yeh, I was sitting in the dark with my little candles beating myself up and laughing at the insane lack of planning I had just done!

The most vital item outside of food and I had not stored it! I should have known better as its always something we tend to store before a storm, but for some reason I had failed to do so and the result was we couldn't make coffee. I realize coffee is not necessary for life, but it makes a cold morning much easier to cope with. So now I am seeking ideas for storage of water. Not the plastic jug system as I'd prefer to stay away from plastic water containers. But perhaps glass bottles stored in a root cellar might work.

With water being so critical in so many ways, from flushing toilets to adding in cooking, its just smart in South Dakota to have some around for power-outage moments like we had this morning (and had earlier in the week).

So to all those doomsday preppers & others; I recommend shutting your power off for a day or a week and see just how prepared you really are! Better do the trials now, rather than when you really need it. Just a suggestion.

ITEMS needing Water:

baby formula
brushing one's teeth
flushing a toilet
and the list goes on....

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